2013/14 Season | Part One

It’s been a while. April is here and it feels like November was yesterday. That, I guess is the nature of a busy season. It started early, out in the Highwood pass of Kananaskis Country sacrificing p-tex to Ullr with friends.


Skinning for some absolutely terrible turns on Halloween. Cam Stuchly with the iPhone snap

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Storm Smashing

It’s been a while. But the snow’s back and so am I. After a less than inspired start to the season, mother nature finally delivered at Kicking Horse. A very un January like storm rolled in and pounded the resort for a full three days. Things got real good, real fast. I’m anticipating an onslaught of mellow, soulful pow edits out of the interior of BC this week, so without further ado I hope you enjoy a pow edit that really isn’t either.

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Let’s Play Billy Bob Joe

Billy Bob Joe

“Come on, please? Billy Bob Joe!”

I sighed deeply. I’d heard this for the past 20 minutes, and I’m a lifty. My job isn’t really supposed to involve any children that aren’t about to be whisked away mechanically. As much as I like eight year olds, especially when they’re stoked and filled with that contagious eight year old energy, these ones had been hanging around the lift enjoying an endless sugar high for what felt like an eternity. It was fun, but they were tiring me out. On top of that, now they were demanding another game of Billy Bob Joe – a rousing variation of fetch played with empty milk or water jugs on which I and a co-worker who was on the night before had drawn a series of characters. The kids were all over it, and they continued to plead for another game.

I sighed again.

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Pretty Much the Entire Rest of My Season

WTC 2013 01

Here it is; that great big post that comes a bit too late and just sort of sums up a whole lot of things. Things that really all could have been written about individually, had I been a little more on it. I left off at the week or so of rest I was relieved to enjoy after the ultrasleeplesstravelathon/miseryfest of a trip I took to get to the Kimberly stop of the IFSA Freeski tour. From there it was down to visit a sunny and rather snowless Park City, Utah, home of the US Freeskiing Grand Prix. Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never: Early Spring Slackcountry Pictures and Words

Spring has to be my favourite time of year to ski. It’s funny really, because growing up in Calgary I always thought of it as the the indecisive, slushy ugly duckling of the seasons. There will be annoying ruts in your street. The sun will come out for just long enough to melt things, and because it did, tomorrow it will all freeze in formations that would leave Dr. Seuss shaking his head. You may consider wearing your crampons to work. Skiing in the immediate area will be impossible, though the bike trails remain in a state distinguishable from soft serve ice cream only by taste. In the city, spring means you can’t do anything. In B.C.’s Dogtooth range on the other hand, it makes for the best conditions of the season. Spring in the mountains tends to mean that, if the stars align you can do just about whatever you want.  Continue reading

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Travel is Awesome (Even When it’s Madness)

One of the greatest things I get to do as an athlete is travel. Even my meagre career has taken me places I never would have otherwise gone and provided me with some pretty crazy experiences. I’m sitting on my couch now still recovering from a trip that definitely ticked both those boxes. No, I didn’t travel for weeks to reach some exotic country ending in stan or explore anything even resembling a majestic mountain range. This trip started with a flight to Toronto. Not a connecting flight either, that’s where I was going. I flew there with the Alberta Ski Cross team, of which I am a member to compete in four Nor-Am (North American) cup ski cross races, two in Killington Vermont, and two back in Beaver Valley Ontario. A bit of an intense trip at the best of times, as those four races took place in a span of only five days, but then I made an interesting choice. A last minute rescheduling of the Beaver Valley races meant that if I left Ontario the night of the second one and began driving immediately upon my arrival back home, I could theoretically have plenty of time to make it to a freeskiing event in Kimberly BC the next day and maybe even sleep a little that night.

Yep, I thought to myself as I changed my ticket – I can do that. No problem. Continue reading

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One Stairway Lap

Check out this quick edit of a ripping lap through some of my favourite trees.

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