Lately, I’ve developed a thing for condensing perfectly good multi-day objectives into sub 24-hour speed missions. Moving quickly in the mountains is truly addictive, and I am hooked. When Trevor suggested we go after some summer turns in a slightly masochistic take on Mt. Joffre in a day,  I was instantly psyched at the opportunity to have a go at the impressive 11000er. After day tripping both the Wapta Traverse and Mt. Columbia this past spring, adding Joffre in the same year felt like completing some kind of trifecta. Petty ego stroking aside, I’m also powerless to turn down an opportunity for powder skiing any time of year, let alone in July. Read More



It’s been a weird, warm spring. When winter decided to make its return to the alpine halfway through June, I barely took notice, focusing instead on the restorative effect the rain was having on the bike trails. Luckily, Trevor alerted me to my mistake. Some prodding to get me out of beach mode was required, but soon enough I was grabbing my skis for a mega day trip onto the Jumbo Glacier. With fresh snow, three Purcell 11000ers up for grabs, and the longest day of the year all coming together, we had all the ingredients for a top notch mission. Read More


Last month I enjoyed the incredible opportunity to ski from the summit of Mt. Columbia, in a one day push on my first visit to the legendary Columbia Icefield. After an introduction like that, I was fired up to return to what is, in my mind one of the epicenters of Rockies ski mountaineering. On Friday the 13th I did, setting off with Trevor for a four day mission to the northern arm of the icefield – home, most notably to the cluster of four 11000+ foot peaks known a little misleadingly as The Twins. Read More

Mt. Columbia


Faced with an overachieving spring melt that left mid-April looking a lot like mid-May and a powerful lack of motivation for bushwhacking, it felt like a good time to head for the biggest chunk of ice in the Rockies in celebration of my being finished work for the winter. Originally the plan was to spend a few days up on the Columbia Icefield, bag a few classic peaks and at least have a look at a couple of decidedly less popular bigger lines. As we got close to our planned departure date though, it became clear the our weather window was going to close sooner than we would have liked. Bummer. Monday’s weather was forecast to be perfect at least, so we decided just to try to day trip Mt. Columbia – arguably the most classic of the classics – and have a good look around while we were there. Read More

Wapta in a Day


Continuing with our recent interest in paring multi day traverses down into one, Luke and I headed out on March 29th to have a go at sending the ultra classic Wapta icefield traverse in a day. The Wapta in a day started as an early season pipe dream for us, but gradually morphed into something frighteningly realistic as the season progressed. After firing the Three Pass Traverse in a day a few weeks prior, we felt pretty confident in our ability to get the Wapta in a reasonable amount of time. With weather looking perfect and my being gifted an extra day off at work, it was time to get it done. Read More

It seems that Mt. Macdonald has been on our radar lately. A few weeks ago we skied the number one avalanche gully and found it to be a lot more awesome than it looks from the road. 1000m of deep gully and slide path skiing, reminiscent of Frequent Flyer in the Connaught area.

This week, conditions didn’t line up for our long objective in the Rockies. Luke and I decided to head west instead, hoping to seek out some north facing pow in Rogers Pass. Our original plan to ski the Chromosome Couloirs on Cheops N. was scrapped when we realized the damage recent high freezing levels had done. Instead, we decided to get higher and a little rowdier on the north face of Mt. Macdonald. Read More

Three Pass Traverse

Just before Christmas, Ian, Luke, Valerio and I made an attempt on Catamount peak, a mildly remote Rogers pass summit in the Cougar Valley. That time we bailed. Undeterred, Luke and I went back in February to give it another shot, after a great week of high pressure. This time we were aiming for the north face, accessed via the Three Pass Traverse. It’s an awesome bit of mountain travel linking Balu, Catamount and McGill passes and drawing an appealing line from the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre to the Bostock parking area. Read More

Mt. Carlyle Lodge


Lucking into a hut trip I can actually afford is becoming an annual tradition. Last minute cancellations at high end backcountry lodges lead to perfect opportunities for the kind of people who are willing and able to drop everything and head for the hills. This year a text from Luke led to an incredible week of soul skiing at Mt. Carlyle Lodge near Kaslo, BC. Read More

That Face: sunlit on the right.

Note: Trevor S.; studier of many maps says this peak is called DG22. If anyone knows of another name for it feel free to let me know in the comments.

With all this high pressure floating around, stability in the Golden area has been terrific. Everything near the ski hill has been hammered by legions of people in search of decent snow and steep lines. It’s pretty cool to see, but I have no desire to ski over anybody’s tracks and so lately I’ve been looking a little further afield. Purely by accident I ran into Ryan at the resort a week or two ago, and he pointed out a gorgeous face off the back of the ski hill and up into the next line of peaks. He had been staring at it all season and conditions were looking ideal. I know of no name for the line, but when anyone asks where it is, all I have to to is point straight off the back of the Stairway chair and say That Face, so that is what I’m calling it. Read More

Ripple Ridge Cabin: Round Two

Ripple (3 of 17)

Last year, entirely on a whim, Cam Stuchly and I spent two nights skiing deep powder at Ripple Ridge Cabin near the summit of Kootenay pass on the number three highway between Salmo and Creston BC. You can read that trip report here. The gist is that the snow was terrific, we had a great time and we couldn’t wait to come back. So we did, and we brought long time friend and first time ski partner Jamie along with us – this time for three nights rather than the previous two. Again, we booked early as Jamie’s busy schedule required us snagging a booking during reading week, a time we assumed would fill up a little quicker. We figured that if the snow was really that bad we would just double up on booze and enjoy a drinking trip in a nice place. When it was initially said, this idea was a joke, but the closer the departure date got the more real it became. Read More


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